Seatbelts, Everyone!

Throughout my time as a young adult, I have encountered some strange men in my life. I have always gone straight to my mom and best friends to tell these crazy stories but I have wanted to publicly share them for quite a while now. I wrestled back and forth on how to properly address these encounters. I thought about writing a book, creating a podcast but writing a blog seemed to be the best way to share these stories.

To start off, the purpose of this blog is to write about the crazy, absurd, funny, and sexy stories of my love life. Ultimately, I hope to open up the breadth of this blog to include other women’s stories on here to make y’all laugh in hopes of being able to relate to the stories shared.

Some people might ask, why in the world are you opening up your life so publicly for anyone and everyone to read? Well…because I think I’m hilarious. That may sound conceited but y’all will either love me or hate me; it’s better to figure that out sooner rather than later for your sake.

One thing I will ask is that to keep the vibes positive on this blog. If you have any complaints, obviously feel free to let me know and contact me directly. Also, you have to remember that these are REAL things that have happened in my life. While I am talking about these men in an open forum, just remember that their names and some information of these men will be changed to protect their privacy.

In the end, my goal is to share really hilarious stories. So stay tuned for my first story on the blog. Until then, click the follow button the right side to subscribe and follow my blog so y’all will know when a new post is up.

Don’t forget, grown men can still be fuck boys.



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